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Thomas Bland Guns

General Information

If one shop in the British gun trade was known for "heavy artillery” it was Thomas Bland. They built quite a reputation for waterfowling guns and powerful big-bore rifles.


Thomas Bland trademarks from this period include a "B" inside a circle...


Establishment and beginnings

Although Thomas Bland has long been known as a London shop, it originally started up in Birmingham and even maintained production shops there throughout most of its UK existence.

19th Century

In 1872, Thomas Bland Jr. joined his father in business, and the company was renamed Thomas Bland & Son. 

2oth Century

In 1900 the firm moved the London Premises to the more "up-market" environs of 22 King William Street...

Modern Times

In 1989, the assets, name and records of Thomas Bland & Sons (Gunmakers) were sold to Glenn and Christa Baker, of Benton Pennsylvania. 

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