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Shooting Schools


Are you trying to improve your shooting, but frustrated with a lack of improvement?  No matter what your shooting goal with a shotgun, we can help. Our instruction is geared to assist the Game Shot, the Sporting Clay Shooter and the Skeet OR Trap Shooter. We instruct the "Method" of shooting which is taught both by the British Association of Shooters & Conservation (BASC) and the Clay Pigeon Shooters Association (CPSA).


Our Coaching Qualifications

We are Trade Members & Certified Instructors of BASC and have the only staff in America that are BASC trained and certified Shotgun Coaches.

The BASC is the United Kingdom's leading shooting and conservation agency. The BASC "Method" of shooting will have you not only breaking clays quickly but performing more efficiently in the field as well. This is a proven method used by the leading English coaches. Remember.... it is the English who lead the world in the pursuit of shotgun sports.

When you are certified by the rigorous and prestigious BASC instructor qualification, you are indeed qualified to instruct. Our instructors have over 50 years of combined shotgun teaching experience.


The Training Course

We offer a comprehensive shooting school which has something to help everyone, from the novice shooter to the more experienced shotgunner who may simply wish to correct some minor problem or just get in lots of supervised practice on some tough shots.

Our Shooting Schools are conducted on our PRIVATE GROUNDS.  You are afforded complete, total uninterrupted instruction.  You will not be disturbed by or have to wait for other shooters. We provide the opportunity to work on any shot for as long as you wish, at any target which is giving you a problem.  You will be instructed by one qualified Shooting Coach throughout your entire stay.



  • Personalized instruction and focused individualized coaching from our BASC certified Shooting Coach.  Our schools and gun fittings are all done with the individual in mind. It is imperative that you are able to feel relaxed and concentrate totally on the subject at hand.​


  • GUN SAFETY:   We will constantly review gun safety as required.

  • MASTER EYE CHECK:  We will first determine that it is your "master eye" which is guiding your shotgun.​

  • PATTERNING YOUR GUN:  You are given the opportunity to pattern your gun. It is important that you know the performance to expect from your gun. It is very seldom two guns will shoot to the same point of aim or pattern alike.

  • ​Developing the proper "Style of shooting". A style of shooting which will be successful for you providing you do your part. A correct STYLE of shooting includes:

    • Stance: The correct position of the shooters feet will affect the entire shooting process. Allow for a free natural movement throughout your swing.

    • Grip: Learning the correct grip ensures that the gun is held in a position to bring the gun to your face in a comfortable effortless manner.

    • Mount: Inconsistent or incorrect gun mount is a major cause of frustration and missed targets.  We instruct you in a gun mounting technique which is as close as you will get to a "no fault gun mount."  This allows the dominant eye to look comfortably along the sighting plane of the barrels with a minimum of head movement. Assist the barrels to naturally follow the line of sight.

    • Correct Lead, Gun Movement and Follow Through. The BASC "METHOD" of shooting.

    • You will be instructed on an improved Churchill "Round The Clock Course" designed to help you deal with every conceivable shot you may face in the field or on the clay range. You learn to deal with Springing Teal as well as quick Bolting Rabbits.

    • You learn to shoot single targets, double targets and targets on report. We offer a variety of the finest Sporting Electric and Hand Traps, and you will be presented with targets both from the Ground and from the Tower as well as from platforms.


  • The end result -

    • You will improve your upland gunning, driven bird shooting, sporting clays and skeet performance!




  • LADY SHOOTERS:   Women are especially catered to in all forms of our shooting instructions, with individual attention provided as required. We can provide 20 and 28 bore guns for those who may be recoil sensitive and can shorten your stocks and fit a recoil pad if required.

  • YOUNG SHOOTERS:   We offer the same individual attention to the young shooter as to the Ladies and the adult male shooter. This is a special opportunity for the beginner.


  • CORPORATE DAYS:  We offer Corporate Days & Coaching to groups who are known to each other when desired.




  • One Day Courses:  $41.00 per person instructed

  • Two Day Courses:  $385.00 per person instructed, per day

  • Clays and cartridges are extra.  We do have a limited amount of ammunition on hand, but recommend bringing your own ammunition if able.  Light target loads are ideal for lessons. 

  • All courses include lunch

​ Our Range is for instructional purposes only and is not open for public shooting

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