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Gun Fitting

Why should you get a gun fitting?

  • Along with the correct style of shooting, the two most important elements in being consistent and successful with a shotgun are a properly fitted gun and proper practice.

  • Without a properly fitted gun it is impossible to reach your full shooting potential no matter what your shooting style, or how much you practice. Poor shooting in situations where a quick shot is the required, such as in grouse or woodcock hunting or sporting clays is quite often the fault of a poorly fitted gun.

  • The combination of a well-made and a properly fitted gun will be a major factor in the improvement of your shooting and making your sport more enjoyable. It affords some degree of solace to know that the bird or clay was missed as a result of some error in form you can improve, rather than the result of a poorly fitted gun.


Why choose Woodcock Hill?​

  • At Woodcock Hill we are proud to offer gun-fittings by fully certified British Association of Shooting & Conservation (BASC) qualified expert gun-fitters and Sporting Shotgun Coaches who will spend as much time as necessary to ensure you are satisfied that the job has been done properly. There are only two such certified coaches outside the United Kingdom and both are at Woodcock Hill!

  • We have a wide array of Try-Guns on site from .410 to 12-bore in both over/under and side by side configurations, more Try-Guns than any other gun-fitter in the world to better serve you.

  • When researching gun-fitters, bear in mind a few simple facts -

    • A try-gun is a tool. It requires an expert and knowledgeable gun-fitter to be effective.

    • In the hands of an expert gun-fitter and instructor this tool can help you make great strides toward improved shooting.

  • At Woodcock Hill, we are your expert gun-fitters!

What is involved?

  • We begin the process with instruction on the proper "STYLE" of shooting.  (The proper "style" of shooting is made up of three factors: stance, grip, and mount.)

  • You will then shoot one of the Try-Guns until your proper fit and measurements are achieved. 

  • Cartridges are provided for whichever try-gun you shoot.

  • You will also have the opportunity to pattern your gun if you so desire.



What do you walk away with?

  • Measurements are taken from the Try-Gun and recorded on a certificate for your personal records and kept on file at Woodcock Hill for future reference. You can use that information to check the measurements of your existing guns and perhaps have the required adjustments made to your guns.

  • In the event you are going to have a new gun manufactured, you can provide these measurements to the gunmaker for that perfect bespoke fit.

  • You will also be provided with all pertinent measurements of the gun you bring including choke measurements, bore dimensions, barrel wall thickness, length of pull, drop and cast.


How long does it take?


  • A Try-Gun fitting session normally takes about 4 hours.


COST: $290.00 per person - includes cartridges


  • We offer fitting services for both Shotgun and Rifle

  • Our gun-fitting is done undercover and is NOT affected by weather.

  • Give a Gift Certificate to a friend or loved one for a fitting and/or Shooting School.

  • Book a two or three Shooting School, we can include a Try Gun Fit at no extra charge.

GUN CLUBS:   Special arrangements may be made for us to bring our TRY-GUNS to your club for fittings at a special rate. Call us at 570-864-3242 or email at for further details and special rates.

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