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Gunwork Services

Woodcock Hill and Thomas Bland & Sons Gunmakers Ltd. has a well-earned reputation as the expert artisan for all types of gun repairs and upgrades. All work is of the finest quality and will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer a variety of services.  Call us at (570) 864-3242 or email to discuss your particular project needs.

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Stock Work

  • Stock Bending – Adjusting cast of the stock is imperative to proper shotgun fit.  A properly fitted gun will ultimately improve your shooting outcomes…  $200 

  • Stock Shortening – We will adjust your stock to meet your needs and add a new recoil pad as necessary…$150

Come for a Shooting School or Try-Gun Fit and stay overnight.  In most cases, we will have your stock modifications expertly completed and gun ready for you to take with you the next morning.

  • Stocks Refinishing -   Are you tired of a plastic looking or damaged finish and desire a best hand rubbed oil finish?  We will strip and clean all the old finish from your stock and forend, remove dents and abrasions, then apply a best hand rubbed oil finish. 

    • Shotgun Stocks… $350

    • Rifle Stocks… $425  

  • Forend Modifications - If you find a large beaver tail forend needless extra weight or ugly, we can convert it to a splinter forend and re-checker.  Call for estimates.

  • Pistol Grips Removed - We will remove the pistol grip from your stock and convert the gun to straight (English-style) hand then re-checker. Each job is unique. Call for estimates.

  • Chequering Re-Cut - Re-cut or chequer stocks and forends…Priced by the job

  • Silver Escutions (Initial Ovals) - Add a distinctive personalized flair to your stock found on many high-end shotguns or replace a worn oval. To make and install... $200.

    • Choice of Script or Block Letters, up to 3 initials…$55 per initial

    • We have a first-class engraver for customized perfection.

  • Recoil Pads – We offer only the finest Kick-EEZ recoil pads, professionally installed for immaculate results...starting at $125

    • Leather Covered Recoil Pads – We are specially trained in England to make and fit the Best London Style pigskin leather covered recoil pads that are the gold-standard of the shotgun world.  Made to order here in the United States to your specifications. We use only the best English pigskin and materials...$355

    • Original English Silvers Pads - Made in England:  Available in two colors,  The original Orange and a new darker shade.

      • Silvers pad only…$75

      • Silvers pad installed…$165

    • Kick-Eez - Slip Over Sorbothane Recoil system. If you do not want to fit a recoil pad to a quality gun, this is certainly the answer. Easy fit, slip over design with a ½ inch sorbothane pad. An easy way to achieve maximum relief and reduce recoil... $45

Barrel Work

  • Chokes Adjusted

    • Chrome lined barrels – 12 and 20 bore chokes opened to your specs…$140 per barrel.

    • Non-chrome lined barrels – adjusted to your specs...$100 per barrel.

  • Forcing Cones Lengthened

    • Chrome lined barrels - 12 and 20 bore only…$100 per barrel

    • Non-chrome lined barrels…$55 per barrel

  • Chambers Lengthened – Do you have an older L.C. Smith, Fox or Parker you would like to use with modern cartridges?  We can lengthen those to 2¾ inches to accommodate that and reduce pressure and recoil!  $65 per barrel

  • Shotgun Sight Beads - Brass front or middle bead replaced or added… $50 and up​


General Gunsmithing

  • Proofing - It is imperative that any gun you are going to purchase for shooting is in proper working order and that the barrels are properly proofed to insure they are safe for the pressure that will be exerted upon them.  Your life could literally depend on it!

    • Never purchase a gun which is out of Proof unless the seller is willing to accept the cost of re-proofing, or you purchase the gun with the knowledge that it is out of Proof and never intend to fire it.

    • All the proofing of shotguns is completed in either Birmingham or London, England and is returned with a Certificate of Proof.  We will send your gun to England for Re-Proof upon request. The Proofing is normally not very costly, but the shipping to and from England is.... Price by the job and includes ALL shipping costs.

  • Custom Bolt Jeweling - Enhance appearance and smoothness of your bolt action with the finest bolt jeweling available.

    • Bolt only... $125

    • Add the bolt follower...$40 

  • Remove Pitting From Chambers And Bores - Lapping of the bores and chambers (as much as possible for safety)…Priced by the job

  • Hand Lap Rifle Barrels -  Improves the accuracy of your rifle and make it easier to clean copper fouling from the barrel...Priced by the job

  • Crown Rifle Barrels - Improve your rifle's accuracy…$75

  • Glass Bed Rifle Barrels & Actions – Vastly improve rifle accuracy and consistency…$145 

  • Blacking/Cold Rust Blue Rifle Or Shotgun – We can refinish your barrel and hardware with the finest blacking/cold rust bluing. Includes removing pits as much as safety allows to maintain barrel integrity... $400 and up.

  • Case Colour Hardening - We are set up to fully colour harden your shotgun actions, scope rings, rifle actions and related items using a combination of the old-world techniques and the latest modern equipment…Priced by the job...$400 and up.

  • Rifle Scopes Mounted…Priced by the job

  • Rifles Bore Sighted…Priced by the job


Other Services

  • Guns Stripped & Cleaned – Protect your investment.  You should have your gun stripped and cleaned annually.  We use the latest in ultrasonic cleaning techniques.  ... $125 and up.

  • Examination Of Guns – Our experts will examine and provide complete measurements to verify the quality and safety of your firearm. We measure and provide you a record of the chamber length, barrel wall thickness, bore measurements, chokes and the condition of the barrels both inside and out. We will also assess the current proof of the gun and whether the barrels are proofed for Nitro or Black powder…. $75 + shipping.

  • Insurance Appraisals - Guns examined for insurance purposes with written report…$75

  • Gun Case Restoration – If you have a leather gun case, leg-of-mutton gun case, gun slip, or cartridge magazine that needs complete restoration, our London Trained Craftsmen both on staff and from England assure that all work is done efficiently and properly. All work is completed under the direct supervision of Mr. Ian Tomlin, the Director of Traditional English Guncases who is acknowledged as the top case maker of the world…Priced by the job

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