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Firearms Import Service

Importation service for fine shotguns and rifles.

  • Woodcock Hill can assist you in navigating the maze of complexities to get your sporting firearms legally into the USA . If you already own the firearm or are purchasing one out of the country, we can help ease the process.

  • We are bonded import agents and know the system well. Importing firearms can be a legal minefield if you are not familiar with the process.  Let us be your concierge service to smoothly facilitate this potentially daunting transfer.


  • Be aware that it is not a simple matter of licking a stamp and sending it over. It can also take a few weeks or even months to get all the needed paper work from the ATF and then the export papers have to be applied for in the country of origin.

  • We will apply for the import permit on your behalf and once this is obtained, we notify your shipper in the country of origin and start the transfer process.


  • All fees must be paid with Woodcock Hill before the firearm can be shipped to your FFL here in the USA.

  • You, as the purchaser, are responsible for filing and paying any applicable excise, State or sales tax to appropriate government entities.

  • Federal Excise Tax (FET) is payable on all foreign made fire arms upon importation. Woodcock Hill acts solely as the importer of record and are therefore not responsible for paying FET on your imported fire arm. This tax must be paid and filed with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

  • Federal law requires that all Importers must engrave their name, city and state on the barrel of each imported fire arm into the USA.

  • License application fees are non-refundable even if your permit is declined by the ATF.

  • Please note these are approximate as fees vary depending upon the carrier (airline), weight, timing of shipment.

  • Apply for permit - $105 per gun. Once we receive your payment and the needed information, we immediately apply for your permit.

  • Customs clearance - usually around $400

  • Freight - from airport to custom broker and to Woodcock Hill...$350.

  • Engraving - per firearm...$75

  • USA custom duty - charged at cost.

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