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About Us

Glenn & Christa Baker

Glenn and Christa Baker started Woodcock Hill nearly 40 years ago to fill a niche that they found was sadly lacking.


While shopping for a mid-range fine English shotgun to fulfill his wish to hunt grouse and woodcock, Glenn was unable to find anything for the “middle of the road” hunter. There were many lower end gun shops and the rarified air of the Purdey’s and Boss’s were out of reach. These hallowed halls would not give the time of day to a young man looking to fulfill a dream.  So, together with his wife, Glenn started Woodcock Hill to bring reasonably priced fine English guns to a wider audience.


Christa being English was born and raised with the English sporting scene in her blood, so her interest and contacts  allowed the initial idea to blossom and grow into a full-time operation offering all manner of English gun related items and services.

Woodcock Hill offers a wide variety of new and used shotguns and rifles to fit any price range and will extend all clients no matter how much they are spending, the same caring truthful service. We are small enough to know you but large enough to serve you. Many of our clients started out as customers but have ended up as longtime friends sharing our wide and varied adventures.

Dan Hartman

Dan Hartman has worked closely with us at Woodcock Hill for most of the 40 years and is our very capable shotgun coach.  He is a true renaissance man with interests as varied as gardening and flying.

Dan is a certified B.A.S.C trained shotgun coach and offers individual attention to all your learning needs. Time is spent on the shots you are struggling with so that you leave our schools with more confidence and most importantly knowing why you are missing.  Whether it be an ill-fitting gun or an eye dominance issue, Dan is expert at assessing your shooting style and coaching your improvement. Our goal is to help you improve your shooting prowess.

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