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J.P. Sauer Drilling    R1744
  • J.P. Sauer Drilling R1744

    S X S 16 bore with a 8.57JR rifle barrel Under. All three barrels are clean and bright free of any dings, marks or dents in superb overall condition. The barrels are 25 5/8 inches with the shotgun barrels having 2 5/8 inch chambers. Both shotgun barrels have a wall thickness of .025 inches.  The gun is also fitted with gold cocking indicators for all barrels. The action and hardware retain original finish and the barrels and related hardware retain near 95% original blacking. The original fine chequering is 100 % with no dings or abrasions. The flip up front sight engages automatically as the rifle barrel is selected. Very well figured stock has a cheek piece for a right hand shooter.  The stock is fitted with the original Sauer heel plate.  This rifle is complete with 60 Unfired Sellier & Bellot 127 grain cartridges,  new loading dies and 100 bullets. This is a complete outfit ready to go in superb condition... The 8.57JR Cartridge is very close to the 30-06 Cartridge.

    • Action:


      SxS 16 bore/rifle under


      16 bore/8.57JR

      Receiver Type:







    • Barrels:


      25 5/8


      2 5/8

      Chokes R/L:


      Bore Diameters:


    • Stock: