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                                          There was a little man and he had a little gun,

                                          He killed his sitters very dead, dead, dead

                                               But he stopped in his swing when the birds were on the wing

                                                        So he never hit the damn things in the head, head, head.


Don't be like the little man, learn to hit your birds on the wing; 

Learn the better way learn the BASC way!



Our Range is for instructional purposes only and is not open for public shooting

  We offer a comprehensive shooting school which has something to help everyone, from the novice shooter to the more experienced shot who may simply wish to correct some minor problem or just get in lots of supervised practice on some tough shots. Our instruction is geared to assist the Game Shot, the Sporting Clay Shooter and the Skeet Shooter, we instruct the "Method" of shooting which is taught both by the BASC (British Association of Shooters & Conservation) and the CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooters Association).


Please note that our Shooting Schools are conducted by Certified Instructors by the British Association of Shooters and Conservation. This is not a correspondence course or a situation where if you show up, pay your money you pass the course. The failure rate is over 50% in many classes offered by the BASC, when you are certified by the BASC you are indeed qualified to instruct. Being a qualified instructor means that you have the ability to teach others how to shoot properly. It is not about the instructor being a fantastic shot, that does not help the person being instructed at all. Our instructors have over 50 years of combined teaching. Our Shooting School is conducted on our PRIVATE GROUNDS, you are never disturbed by or have to wait for other Shooters to shoot the station. You are afforded complete total un-interrupted instructions. You are provided the opportunity to work on any shot for as long as you wish at any target which is giving you a problem.  You will never move from instructor to instructor, you will be instructed by one qualified Shooting Coach throughout you entire stay.

We are also able to adjust your gun  immediately or overnight, once a try gun fit has been done, for you to continue your lessons with a properly fitted gun. There is NO point in spending good money for a shooting school when your gun does not fit you properly. This is a unique service which is not readily available in many places in the world. 

You will also find that our prices are nearly always far less that any other School out there as our overheads are far less while the service offered is much greater.





 British Association for Shooting & Conservation


We Are Trade Members & Are Certified Instructors of the BASC

  We have the only Coaching staff in America that are BASC trained and certified Shotgun Coaches. The BASC is the United Kingdom's leading shooting and conservation agency. The BASC "Method" of shooting will have you not only breaking clays quickly but performing more efficiently in the field as well. This is a proven method which is used by the leading English coaches. Remember.... it is the English who lead the world in the pursuit of shotgun sports.


       Success of a Shooting School is measured not by how many targets you hit but when you hit a target you  know  why you have hit it and when you miss a target you will know what to do to correct the problem



· 3 - 12-bore Doubles · 1 - 12-bore Over/Under · 1 - 16-bore Double ·
· 1 - 20-bore Double · 1 - 20-bore Over/Under · 1 - 28-bore Double ·

You will be provided a permanent copy of your measurements from the Try-Gun Fitting.

  1. Lead · Gun Movement · Follow Through · The B.A.S.C. "METHOD" of shooting.  



Learn The Better Way, Learn the B.A.S.C. Way

BASC (British Association of Shooters & Conservation)

Remember Good Shooting is No Accident


  While visiting us here  accommodations are  available at

                                 Rickets Glen Hotel  570-477-3656  Not available Sunday night.   


3726 State Route 487, Stillwater, PA 17878  www.vistalodgebenton.com 570-925-2077.                            

MUGS   Thomas Bland & Sons Mugs,  dishwasher safe with logos front and back. Manufactured of the best materials... $15.50        Click on thumbnail to enlarge.






   If you accompany us or are going with another Shooting Party to Europe, it is NOT cheap and it certainly is foolish to go without being prepared. THOMAS BLAND & SONS® GUNMAKERS Ltd. SHOOTING SCHOOL offers one or two day instructional courses which will prepare you for your journey, be it for grouse or pheasants. We will offer you instructions so that you will be able to deal effectively with;

  Shooting Etiquette High Incomers, Incoming targets to the left or right, Birds coming up or going down the line. Going away targets & how to deal with them, How to work with a loader, How to load quickly when you do not have a loader, The clothing you will need, The equipment to bring with you, How to develop the proper style of shooting, How to shoot properly with double guns, When to shoot and when not to shoot, What to shoot, Plus dozens of other suggestions. We also are able to provide you with all of your travel & shooting needs.

  You will shoot as much as you like and will certainly be well prepared for the events with which you shall be faced. Even if you are an experienced gun, it is certainly worth while to ensure that you will be ready and not let the team down. The targets that are presented resemble closely in speed and flight pattern the birds that you will be shooting.

  Should you wish, you will be afforded the opportunity to have a TRY GUN FIT, at no extra charge, when you book a 2 or 3 day school.    Cost: $385.00 for a 1 day school,   $365.00 per day for a 2 or 3 day school.   Cartridges & clays are extra.  Lunch is provided


 Success of a Shooting School is measured not by how many targets you hit but when you hit a target you will know why you have hit it and when you miss a target you will know what to do to correct the problem



                                                        Danny Chief Instructor shot with a Pump 870

wpe4.jpg (15909 bytes)                                         

                                 Woodland Rabbit & Grouse                          Grouse Butt                               




Grouse Butt


We accept                

Thomas Bland & Sons® Gunmakers Ltd will provide you with a very competitive price for any products manufactured by the Companies listed below.



                                      The Rifle Bench                            Down the Rifle Range




  The most comprehensive publication available, listing over 1,500 English Gunmakers in alphabetical order. This publication has taken Mr. John B. Friedman over 20 years to compile and has been published by Woodcock Hill Inc. Press. It allows you to know with some degree of certainty that the gun you may be examining is indeed of English manufacture. If you are seriously interested in English Sporting Guns this is one of those must have publications. 72pp wraps...  $31.00   

Limited Edition Hard Backed numbered copies are available at...  $105.00

  If you are serious about English guns this is a must have reference publication.


All English made cartridges, the best out of the UK

Gamebore and Kent Cartridges are all manufactured using Fiber Wads including the

Kent Non-Toxic 2 1/2 inch Tungsten Matrix

Fiber Wad Cartridges









12 2 1/2 1 5 & 6 Tungsten Matrix 3.75 ea
12 2 15/16 6 & 7 GAME 200.00
12 2 1/2 1 6 & 7 GAME & CLAYS 100.00
16 2 1/2 1 6 & 7 GAME & CLAYS 105.00


2 1/2


6 &7




We only stock Gamebore shells in  2 ½ inch length to provide our customers with the availability of these difficult to locate cartridges.  They come only in flats of 250 cartridges (25 to the box)…

Shot sizes are English Shot Sizes 

The Tungsten Matrix Non-Toxic cartridges are sold by the box of 25 at $1.70 per cartridge and work in 2 1/2 inch chambered guns with proper proof and are suitable wherever Non-Toxic loads are required giving far better performance and penetration than steel shot which is                  not suitable for fine guns.




KYNOCH   Tin of 20 boxes x 5 of Kynoch .450 Nitro Express 3 ½ inch. In original tin end opened but contents never out of the tin…  $550.00


GUNS STRIPPED & CLEANED  Protect your gun, strip & clean your guns periodically... $65.00 up.  Your gun will be cleaned using the latest ultrasonic techniques.   You should have your gun stripped and cleaned yearly.




Remember Good Shooting is No Accident





Woodcock Hill Inc. & Thomas Bland & Sons Gunmakers Ltd. now have the staff  who are specially trained to make and fit the Best London Style pigskin leather covered recoil pads that are the standard of the world.                       

LEATHER COVERED RECOIL PADS   Best pigskin (use only English pigskin for the best leather covered recoil pads) leather covered  recoil pads. They are made to order here in the United States to your specifications. Our staff has been trained in England by the firm which makes the Leather Pads for the top English Gun Making Firms. We use only the best English pigskin and materials. We offer a quick turn around time...  $355.00  Call for details on trade prices.



Call us at (570) 864-3242 or E-Mail us at [email protected]
To make an appointment for a Try-Gun Fitting or a Shooting School

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