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Deidre Matthews CEO of Come -2- Africa

When Connecting through Johannesburg

The only place to stay, 10 minutes from the Airport

Pick-up and Delivery back to the Airport

Beautiful accommodations, Gun Safe, Security, Superb Food, Bar

and Friendly Atmosphere

When you arrive at Johannesburg International Airport, do not be caught up in the fear created by the press. Spend a few days there, visit Rowland Ward where each visitor is treated with great care and respect by the staff of Rowland Ward. There are many great markets in the area.

Tanya Blake the only Fully Licensed Female Professional Hunter in Zimbabwe.

Contact us to Book a Hunt with her in Zimbabwe, Tanzania or Mozambique.   

 Tanya also will arrange a Photographic Safari or an extended Canoe Trip on the Zambizi River.




R1885    WEBLEY & SCOTT   London  .450 3 1/4 inch best quality rebounding hammer under lever sidelock ejector. This gun is in near pristine condition.  This gun is black powder proof but has been fired many times with the replacement nitro powder developed to be used in black powder guns. This gun comes with the formula to load the nitro replacement powder. The gun fires a three shot group of 3 inches at 50 yards. A complete set of RCBS dies to load the cartridges. There are loaded cartridges, extra brass and Hornaday bullets which have been used to test the gun. The gun also comes with a sling and cartridge belt.  There is also a copy of John Pondoro Taylor's book pages on African Rifles and Cartridges which mentions this type rifle and that this gun being with steel barrels in a transition between black powder and Nitro powders. The bores and chambers are perfect. The blacking and color hardening is near 100%. The only marks on this gun are a few slight dings on the stock. This is the finest most well balanced double rifle we have handled. The barrels are 26 inches, the rear sight is marked 150 yards and the flip up sight is marked 200 yards. the front sight is a ramp gold bead sight. The action and all related hardware is fully engraved with best close scroll engraving. The long tang trigger guard and under leaver are both colour hardened and engraved. The steel pistol grip cap is also colour hardened and engraved. The drop at heel is 2 1/4 inches and 1 1/2 inches at the comb. The stock and leave release forend are finely chequered and the wood is extremely well figured French Walnut with a pull of 14 1/2 inches to a steel heel plate which is also finely engraved and color hardened. The weight is a superbly balanced 8 pounds 14 ounces. This is in every way a truly fantastic gun ready to go back to Africa for Buffalo, Elephant and all of the Big Five. The remarkable thing is the condition of the chambers and bores, they are unmarked. This gun should be fitted with the proper TEG trunk case to complete it. This is truly a best English double rifle virtually as new at a very reasonable price... $15,500.00

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For your Trophy Shipping Needs

We have used Well Worldwide for years to deal with our Hunting Trophies with 100% success every time. When we have hade trouble with US Fish and Wildlife Mr. Lilly has each and every time come to our rescue to get our animals released into our hands. Every time it has been a problem which has been created by F & W from CITES tags and permits which were here today and gone tomorrow. Never able to trace anything directly to nefarious deeds by F & W but it seemed strange that the permits were there until the animals were in the hands of F & W and suddenly vanished. Well Worldwide and Mrs. Lilly has always managed to deal with the situation in a speedy amicable manner to our satisfaction. We trust Well World Wide and Mrs. Lilly 100%.

Before you head out on the once in a lifetime hunt call Mrs. Lilly and learn what to do and how to do it properly.




Enjoy the beauty and creativity in natural animal art designed to exacting standards for your hunting trophies.

Hunters, serious about the quality of their mounts, have come to demand the impeccable service, extreme attention to detail, and the tasteful artistic design available from the taxidermy team at Weller's Wildlife Studio.

As hunters ourselves, we can appreciate the time, effort, and money required to harvest an animal. As artists, we can assure you the most accurate replication of your trophy that the industry can provide.


For more information about Weller's Wildlife Studio, or to schedule an appointment to tour our studio, please contact us by:
phone: (520) 744-3468
begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              fax: (520) 744-7018
[email protected]

We ourselves have used Weller's Wildlife Studio for many years and found whatever your trophy is it will be done perfectly and in a timely fashion.


Nice Buffalo



            http://www.safariclub.org  Join today         



If you are looking for someone to make the proper arrangements for you to get from point A to B, either to Africa or with internal flights at the best rates available visit Come-2-Africa by clicking on the web site below. Contact the Director of Marketing Deirdre Mathews,  Cell: +27 083 551 4033, Deirdre is absolutely on top of the game and certainly has assisted us on our trips without the slightest problem. Nothing seems to be too much for her.



CAPE BUFFALO SLING      100% Cape Buffalo and Crocodile with padded backing and fitted with QD sling swivels... $155.00

    Click on thumbnail to view Cape Buffalo Rifle Sling 

CROCADILE & CAPE BUFFALO Rifle Sling   100% Cape Buffalo and Crocodile with padded backing and fitted with QD sling swivels... $155.00

     Click on thumbnail to view Cape Buffalo & crocodile Rifle Sling 



The Adventure Begins When You Pak

Tuffpak is Simply Efficient, it is unlike any Gun Case you have ever seen! With room for up to 3 scoped rifles or 5 shotguns, travel with a Tuffpak means more gear with fewer bags. Plus it is light years stronger and easier to carry than any other case out there on the market. There are no dividers inside which means you decide how many firearms and how much gear your require for your trip. Your firearms travel secure in their padded slips ready to pull out for easy Airport examinations and your adventure with no agro from damaged cases or cases with no wheels to facilitate easy travel.

Each TUFFPAK comes with the following:



TUFFPAK CASE shown above is the standard rifle, shotgun case shown with two  Large scoped big bore African rifles in their slips. These weigh including TUFFPAK a total of 44 pounds. There is still 6 pounds to go for Aircraft carry weight.. The Price is only.. $365.00 The Nylon removable carry TUFF SACK shown in the photo is available in Black or Tan and is... $60.00 

The TUFF PAK is available in a variety of other types. Rifle & Bow Combo, Bow Cases, Take Down Rifles With TSA Locks and Wide Bow Cases. Call us for further information.


Stag, Bone & Ivory Handled Knives


Puma   New very well balanced hunting knife with German Stag Handle and fitted leather sheath.  $105.00


 Custom Hand Made     In US  with Stag handle and best steel blade. Fitted sheath and 10 1/2 inch Wildebeest carrier to protect the knife... $155.00


BOKER   Beautiful Soligen Steel German custom hand made stag handle knife with fitted sheath... $125.00


Australian Hand Made Custom Knife  Made with a red deer stag handle, quality stainless steel blade, fitted sheath and in a South African 10 1/2 inch canvas and cape buffalo case for protection. One of a kind - beautiful... $210.00



Adamson Joy   BORN FREE  221PP., FIRST EDITION, 1960, The story behind the movie Born Free, fine +  $22.00 

Adamson Joy   THE SPOTTED SPHINX  313PP., first American Edition 1969, dj. ex library VF  $14.50   

Anderson  Charles John   LAKE NGAMI    African Collection 1988 Leather Bound, gold leaf edges, map intact. 545pp, scarce. Exploration and discoveries during four years of wanderings in the wilds of southwest Africa.  $175.00

Austyn Christopher   CLASSIC SPORTING RIFLES  By the head of Christieís Sporting Gun Department, 1997, new, DJ, 128pp  $50.00

Badminton Library   BIG GAME SHOOTING   by Clive Phillips-Wooley, 2 Volume set 1894 scarce first limited edition this is #36 of 250 copies, 4to, ĺ leather: moderate wear occasional foxing, book plates, large paper edition.  vf $380.00

Baker Carlos    ERNEST HEMINGWAY A LIFE STORY   1969, 697pp, Six full decades of Hemingway's life. DJ Vf  $25.00 


       Boddington Craig   SAFARI RIFLES  New, DJ, mint, 4 23pp All about the great rifles. $38.00


Cumming Roualeyn Gordon  Esq.   FIVE YEARS OF A HUNTERS LIFE IN THE FAR INTERIOR OF SOUTH AFRICA   With notices of the native tribes and anecdotes of the chase of the lion, elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, and rhinoceros etc., 2 volumes. 8 vo, cloth (ink stains on cover, shelf worn, foxed, hole punched in back board and last 23 pages of vol. II, New York 1851, Superb early big-game and Africa.  VERY RARE  $525.00


Denis Michalea   LEOPARD IN MY LAP   LONDON 1956 Numerous photographs, 252pp. fine, $30.00


Day Donald   (edited by)   THE HUNTING AND EXPLORING ADVENTURES OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT  In his own words. Dj, VF. 431pp   Great reading about & by a great shooter and man.  $35.00


Keith Elmer   BIG GAME RIFLES & CARTRIDGES   Scarce 1st ed, fair, damp stain to bottom,163 pp $75.00


Safari Press    VOL II GREAT HUNTERS      Their trophy rooms and collections, new DJ Mint large folio, first edition, 244 pp, $60.00

Selous Frederick Courteney   AFRICAN NOTES AND REMINISCENCES   Leather bound Briar Patch Press Camden SC, mint.  $100.00

Simpson Layne   RIFLES AND CARTRIDGES FOR LARGE GAME   Limited edition of 500 signed by the author, slip cased, numbers 252, 264 and 265 are available. 325pp new by Safari PressÖ   $65.00

Stebbins Henry M. Dr.   BIG GAME RIFLE    First 1952,  How to select and use. Dj, 237pp. $15.00

Taylor John P (Pondoro)   AFRICAN RIFLES & CARTRIDGES    Very rare & scarce 1st ed fine with notes, a must for the African gunner, $85.00

Taylor John P (Pondoro)   AFRICAN RIFLES & CARTRIDGES    Trade ed. 1977 dj, vf +, a must for the African gunner, $50.00

Ward Roland    RECORDS OF BIG GAME    Third edition, 1899, 504 pp, very scarce fine+ $450.00

Ward Roland   RECORDS OF BIG GAME     Sixth edition 1910, 531 pp, fine scarce $275.00

Ward Roland   RECORDS OF BIG GAME     Eighth edition, 1922, 527 pp, fine+ scarce $325.00

Ward Roland   THE SPORTSMANíS HANDBOOK TO PRACTICAL COLLECTING & PRESERVING TROPHIES   very scarce third edition 1883, leather bound, 120 + adverts $165.00

Ward Roland    THE SPORTSMANíS HANDBOOK TO PRACTICAL COLLECTING & PRESERVING TROPHIES    Sixth edition 1891, leather bound, 160 pp with adverts $140.00

Ward Roland    THE SPORTSMANíS HANDBOOK TO PRACTICAL COLLECTING & PRESERVING TROPHIES    Very scarce fourth edition 1888, leather bound, 160 pp with adverts $145.00

Ward Roland   THE SPORTSMANíS HANDBOOK TO PRACTICAL COLLECTING & PRESERVING TROPHIES    Very scarce seventh edition 1894, leather bound, 220 with adverts $145.00

Ward Roland   HORN MEASUREMENTS OF GREAT GAME     Very scarce 1892, vf, 264 pp + adverts $250.00


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