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For All Your Travel Arrangements to Africa, While in Africa and Getting Home Safely








Enjoy the beauty and creativity in natural animal art designed to exacting standards for your hunting trophies.

Hunters, serious about the quality of their mounts, have come to demand the impeccable service, extreme attention to detail, and the tasteful artistic design available from the taxidermy team at Weller's Wildlife Studio.

As hunters ourselves, we can appreciate the time, effort, and money required to harvest an animal. As artists, we can assure you the most accurate replication of your trophy that the industry can provide.


For more information about Weller's Wildlife Studio, or to schedule an appointment to tour our studio, please contact us by:
phone: (520) 744-3468
fax: (520) 744-7018
-Mail   [email protected]        

We ourselves have used Weller's Wildlife Studio for many years and found whatever your trophy is it will be done perfectly and in a timely fashion.



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The Adventure Begins When You Pak

Tuffpak is Simply Efficient, it is unlike any Gun Case you have ever seen! With room for up to 3 scoped rifles or 5 shotguns, travel with a Tuffpak means more gear with fewer bags. Plus it is light years stronger and easier to carry than any other case out there on the market. There are no dividers inside which means you decide how many firearms and how much gear your require for your trip. Your firearms travel secure in their padded slips ready to pull out for easy Airport examinations and your adventure with no agro from damaged cases or cases with no wheels to facilitate easy travel.

Each TUFFPAK comes with the following:


TUFFPAK CASE shown above is the standard rifle, shotgun case shown with two  Large scoped big bore African rifles in their slips. These weigh including TUFFPAK a total of 44 pounds. There is still 6 pounds to go for Aircraft carry weight.. The Price is only.. $385.00 The Nylon removable carry TUFF SACK shown in the photo is available in Black or Tan and is... $60.00 

The TUFF PAK is available in a variety of other types. Rifle & Bow Combo, Bow Cases, Take Down Rifles With TSA Locks and Wide Bow Cases. Call us for further information.

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